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 Post subject: Goryo Venge'fang, Monster Tamer
PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2012 10:12 pm 
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Name: Goryo Venge'fang
Class: Monster Tamer
Race: Kiltharr (lion)
Alignment: Neutral
Inventory: Whip: (This whip has a red jewel at the end of a golden hilt)
Gold: 0g [-15g Loan]
Pet: Decapis (See below)
Skills List: Magic Touch, PC Whip
Biography: Vivid Dreams
Physical Description:
--Height: 5'7
--Weight: 175lbs
--Eyes: glowing iridescent blue
--Hair:Black mane
--Fur: Darker red brown
--Special Markings: burn scarring over the right eye, not impeding the eye itself, but no fur will grow there now.
--Dress:leather belt with large skull forming the buckle; dark brown pants that are loose, bound at the calf with ties; brown vest tied loosely at the chest.

Skills Description:
Magic Touch: The whip carries a strange effect that unlocks a fire arcana to Decapis, giving the creature the ability to use long lost powers of the Chimera.
[magic, catalyst, medium]

The creature must be touched with the whip before they can use an arcane attack.

Ex: Post 1: Tamer whips creature;Post 2: Creature attacks with the arcana special; Post 3: Pet cool down (no arcana can be used, even if whipped)

PC Whipped: Due to Decapis's arrogance and jealousy of his masters ability to tame creatures, the chimera has grown very fond of his master, though this gives the trainer better control of his mythical creature it also hinders the ability to attract any other being who he may wish to tame. Decapis doesn't take likely to sharing attention with other creatures due to the pets overbearing nature and the need to be the centre of Goryo's attention. This makes it much easier to give it commands but makes it impossible to have another pet around until he can be fully tamed.
[Pet Control, medium]


Name: Decapis
Race: Chimera
The chimera is a massive creature. The chimera is very fast and strong with two lethal heads. It’s extremely hard to tame.

Size: About the size of an adult Rhino, give or take an inch. (Its shoulder is about eye level)
Specials List: Burst Swipe, Hot Headed, Breath of Fire

Burst Swipe: Upon touching his opponent with a swipe of his paw, Decapis can cause a concentrated burst of fire that causes mild burns over a small area. Essentially this special gives the Chimera a claw swipe fuelled with a bit of fire. [Fire, Weak] 2x per battle

Hot Headed: The Chimera shoots a stream of super-heated vapour from their mouth (Either one). It causes minor pain on the streams contact and creates a small amount of fog around Decapis that reaches out to a 4 foot radius which limits visibility for a duration of 2 post. [Fire, Weak] 1x per battle

Breath of Fire: Decapis can summon a small sphere of fire into his mouth (lion head only) and shoot it at their opponent. It explodes on contact causing mild pain/burns and small knock back. [Fire, Medium] 2x per battle


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 Post subject: Re: Goryo Venge'fang, Monster Tamer
PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2012 10:47 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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