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 Post subject: Alam Nivius the Hunter From the North
PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2012 12:27 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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Name: Alam Nivius
Class: Fighter
Race: Human
Inventory: The Fisher of Men, Water Skin
Gold: -6
Specials/Spells List:
Skills List:
Physical Description: 
--Height: 5'11
--Weight: 165lbs
--Eyes: Blue
--Hair: Short, straight, and black
--Skin:  Browned by the sun.
--Special Markings: A mark of the hunter under his left eye in the vague shape of a seal.
--Special Traits: Is an excellent hunter, but a mediocre fighter. Doesn't do very well in the heat, but does incredibly well in the cold.
--Dress:  Trousers and pants of light seal hide and moccasins of caribou hide trimmed with wolf fur.

Water Ball:
Alam gathers a ball of water in one hand and compresses it before throwing it at his opponent. On contact the pressure of the water is released, resulting in an 'explosion' that deals moderate blunt damage. Uses 2 units of water [Medium, 2x per battle] (Must originate from Alam)

Water Lash:
Alam manipulates a thin tendril of water into a sharp whip that strikes out toward his opponent. This tendril has a range of 12 feet and causes minor slashing damage. Uses 1 unit of water. [Weak, 3x per battle] (Need not originate from Alam)

Alam condenses some of the moisture in the air and stores it for later use. The amount of water condensed depends on the humidity of the area. Dry air results in 2 units, 'normal' humidity results in 3, and damp air results in 4. (This number can never be increased) [Weak, 3x per battle]


A Hunter's Life:
Alam was a hunter of the north before he acquired the Fisher of Men, and as such has the endurance of one accustomed to the cold of the environment and the strain of a protracted hunt. He is, however, more susceptible to heat and fire as a result. [Racial]

Skill of the Fisher:
The Fisher was once a skilled warrior, and that skill has been transferred to Alam. The Fisher's fighting style was tailored specifically to his weapon, so specifically that he was unable to use any other. He is skilled in fighting with the halves of the weapon (one in either hand), as well as the full trident, and is able to smoothly flow between the two, as well as utilize the weapon in more versatile ways. (Increase in skill with the Fisher of Men) [Weak]

Soul of the Fisher:
The Fisher lived amongst a people that were gifted with the ability to control water by the gods. They used the power in peace with the world, protecting their art and using it only for good. The soul of the fisher still possesses this power, and it is imbued into the weapon. While wielding it, Alam is able to use water-based abilities, but loses them when not in contact with the weapon. [Medium, water catalyst.] (All specials must have a source of water. Alam can manipulate water within 12 feet of him, and not all specials need originate from Alam (origin point will be specified)

The Fisher's Trade:
While he was a warrior, the Fisher was first and foremost a sailor. He spent a great deal of time on the water and the rolling of the ocean. This movement became a part of him, and moving with it became second nature, offering Alam a minor improvement to his balance. [Weak]

Spiritual Rejection:
Alam's spirit does not like the Fisher occupying his body, even when Alam wants him to. This will, at times, cause the Fisher to be forcibly rejected back into the trident, leaving Alam to fend for himself until the Fisher is able to reconstitute himself. (Nega-skill -> Negates all skills or specials that are drawn from the fisher (usually marked by having "of the fisher" or "fisher's" in the name.) when the fisher is not in control.

Custom Inventory: 
The Fisher of Men: The trident was originally designed to be used in fishing. It was superior to the spear in that it gave more areas to strike and spear a darting fish with. The concept with this weapon is no different. Constructed of metal wrapped with engraved black leather the weapon is a trident, though it has been designed for combat rather than fishing. The tines are thicker and the points on those tines are wider and longer with heavier barbs. The outer tines are sharpened allowing the wielder to slash as well as thrust with this weapon. The central tine is about three inches longer than the others, with the whole head being about a foot in total length. The whole weapon from tip to tip is seven feet long and requires two hands to wield.

The trident is but one aspect of the weapon. By flipping a small latch, twisting the head, and then pulling it off, (the separated trident head and the shaft measure 4 feet in total), one is able to reveal another weapon beneath. This weapon very closely resembles a short naginata, easily wielded in one hand. There is a small hand guard that prevents the wielder's hand from sliding up onto the blade that is ever present on the weapon, but appears decorative until the top portion is removed. The blade is straight and is two feet long with a three-foot haft to hold on to. (20 gold)

Water Skin: Alam's trusty water skin that carries 4 units of water at a time. Starts battle full.

Alam's life was simple enough. Born to a tribe in the icy north he grew up in a tight-knit community of hunters and fishers who specialized in navigating the ice flows. Due to the isolation and general "inhospitably" of their location they had little contact with the other peoples of the world, knowing only the few other tribes that called the snowy wastes home.

Life was not easy, but nor was it overly hard. Once one knew how to survive in the north it was quite hard to go hungry for long - the cold and the predators posing more of a threat than starvation ever did. Alam went hunting and fishing from a young age, and had downed and killed his first seal at the young age of seven. By twelve he could live in the wastes for a month with ease, but it was not until 18 that he did just that for the hunter's rite.

He spent three long months out on the ice, alone and left to fend for himself. Several of his friends had gone out and never returned, their cause of death unknown and their bodies never found. Such was the nature of the hunter's rite - one mistake could easily lead to death. Alam's biggest problem was keeping himself amused during his seclusion, as it had been his father's before him. Being a born hunter with a fantastic teacher, Alam had no trouble feeding himself, and often found himself whittling away the hours by listening to the wind howling over his shelter during the many storms that plagued the region during the shifting seasons.

It was one such storm that had caught him on the day he found the Fisher. He had just felled a seal and was in the process of butchering it when the storm kicked up with no warning. He hastily packed up what he had butchered and began to head back, following his line of stakes in the snow back to his shelter. 

At one point, however, he lost his way. He had staked out the path in preparation for such a storm, ensuring that he would still be able to see the fluttering red ribbons even in thick snow. When he reached one stake though, the next was not in sight. He was confounded, and quickly became turned around as he had never been before, his sense of direction failing him for the first time in his life. Would he die here, as had so many before him?

Alam could not stand still, knowing that stillness would mean death, and set out in a random direction, seeking some sort of shelter from the storm. He had only been walking for five minutes when a cave reared out of the snowy veil. Alam rushed in without delay and did his best to spark a fire using what little tinder that he had brought with him - confidence making him careless in his preparation.

His fire wouldn't catch and the wind shifted direction, blowing directly into the cave, driving him further back, deeper into the darkness of the cave.

Much deeper in, away from the sting of the wind, Alam was able to spark a fire. It was there that he saw it - him. The ice on the cave wall was unnaturally clear, and even in the dim light divulged its grizzly contents. A man in strange clothes was encased in the ice, a beautiful metal trident unlike any Alam had seen before in his grasp.

In the dim light he chiseled the implement from the ice, prying it from the frozen hand of the strange man. Taking the trident into his hands, Alam knew that he had a treasure of unmeasurable value. It was at that moment that the trident sparked with blue light and the howling wind died down, the pale northern sun shining through the mouth of the cave. Alam found his way back to his shelter shortly after, trident in hand, and passed his trial with little more event, only sometimes feeling that the wind was speaking to him a little louder than before.

The tribe rejoiced at his return, and his prize was given much praise and attention, though some of the elders did not like it. Now a man, Alam took a wife and soon planted his seed, hoping for a son. The trident stood in the corner of his hut, largely forgotten.

It was night a few months later when another freak storm rose up, whipping itself into a fury in a matter of seconds. The storm was powerful, but it was those that it concealed that were truly devastating. They were foreigners, dressed in strange clothes not native to any people of the north. Being a peaceful people unskilled in warfare, the northerners fell like wheat before the scythe. 

The cries of the dying woke Alam and he took up his bone hunting spear, wrapping himself in a robe and preparing to step outside. It was then that he heard it - the voice that he would come to know as the Fisher. It echoed through his head, unearthly and blood curdling, calling to him and offering assistance, saying that he would be able to protect his wife and child. 

His family at risk, Alam took up the trident without thought and felt the spirit of the Fisher rush into him for the first time, stealing control of his body and turning him into something unknown. He became a whirlwind of death, felling every foreigner that he saw, calling strange powers to his aid and bending the very environment to his will as a weapon.

It was not enough, however. When the Fisher finally subsided and the storm died down, Alam was the only one left standing. His wife had been killed, struck by a stray arrow through the hide wall of their hut. 

Taken by despair, Alam lay down to die, but the Fisher called him to action, demanding revenge on those that had slaughtered the village. At first Alam denied, wishing nothing more than to spend the rest of his days next to his wife. Eventually though, the Fisher wore him down, driving him to action - to revenge.


--Battle Records-- 


Battle Listing:


 Post subject: Re: Alam Nivius the Hunter From the North
PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2012 4:31 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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 Post subject: Re: Alam Nivius the Hunter From the North
PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2013 11:42 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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