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Maganic Wars Get To The Top:


It is a flash based role cards game which introduces an arcade flavour to the genre. A hand of 5 shuffled cards for each fighter and only one phase, the battle phase. Easy to play but hard to win, you’ll have to learn all game tricks to have a better chance to defeat your opponent.


SHUFFLING SYSTEM: currently both you and your opponent take your cards from the same deck (this will be changed in future versions). In the whole game there’s NO favoritism to you or your opponent. The deck is shuffled and you or your opponent always get the top card in the deck. When the deck is empty all cards (even the ones that are in your hands) are returned to it and shuffled again. This is not a normal behaviour and will be changed in future versions.

USING A CARD: as simple as selecting it by clicking on it and then clicking on the “execute turn” button on the center of the screen.


From right to left:

Attack: adds damage points to your strike.
Shield/Defense: substracts damage points to the opp strike.
CounterStrike (also called cstrike): damage done in response to a direct attack.
Poison: damages you each turn.
Paralisis: next card invalidated.
Curse: if you are cursed you have 3 defense points less.

Note that any effect in the game is stackable, so if you use a (+2) attack card and then a (+4) attack card you’ll get (+4) to attack.

Rune Power: you can fill this bar with rune cards to get a great power. (up to three times).
Rune transformations (attack, shield, counterstrike)
     1st Rune Up: (4, 3, 3)
     2nd Rune Up: (8, 6, 5)
     3rd Rune Up: (12, 10, 8)
All rune transformations make you inmune to poison.
Some tips when transformed:
   -If your modifiers before transforming are higher than the modifiers you get transforming then you’ll keep your higher modifiers.
   -If an opponent uses a dispel card your modifiers will disappear in the same turn but you will recover your standard transformation values on your turn.


Parapet: a partner acts as a human shield saving you from your opponent’s next strike.
Dispel opponent: turns all your opponent modifiers/stack effects to 0 except for the poison , rune power and parapet.
Drain: you can drain your opponent’s life with this effect. The damage is calculated with modifiers but the healing you receive is always the same even if you don’t do damage. (this behaviour is not normal and will be studied).

There are some effects that remain in time but don’t have an icon. These stack effects are: parapet, regeneration and “X% probabilities of paralizing/turn”. As said before they can be dispeled expect for parapet.


In this version you’ll be able to submit your record: highscore, best hit or fastest winner time.

There are two ways to submit a record: once you are death or once you finish the game. Of course you won’t submit a “fastest winner” record if you don’t finish the game. The top 1000 table can be found at

Maganic Wars Final and Maganic Wars Online (MWO).

It can be said that currently there are two enough different versions of Maganic Wars.
Maganic Wars Get to the Top is the one placed now in the site.
Maganic Wars Final is the previous version. It is downloadable and can be placed in other sites. It is actually places in hundreds of sites currently.
Maganic Wars Online (MWO) is the future online version of the game.

Hope you enjoy it.

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