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Brief Description:
An evolution from Maganic Wars Get To The Top, introduces a new gameplay mode “Survival Mode”. You’ll have to go through levels with the same health you left in the last level.

New features and changes:

- Survival Mode.
- More items added to “Raistlin’s Shop”.
- Difficulty choice.
- New icon modifier: regeneration.
- New equipment/appearance for character.
- Modified cards and new illustrations.
- New background.
- Added penalty counter (substracts health/turn depending on the number of cards used until that moment).

Bugs fixed (compared with MWGTTT):

-No more duplicated cards in deck/board.
-Phoenix Feather fix: now it’s automatically equipped once you buy it. Even though you can see it on your inventory illuminated and use it manually. If it’s not used in a level then it remains for the next levels until it’s used. Now it resurrects you with 30 hps.
-Money now updates instantly after buying an item.

The rest of the rules are the same of those regarding MW Get to the Top. Please check the instructions of that game for further information.

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